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Changes in Private Property Price Index for The Terrace

Proposed Private Property Price Index Changes to be revealed soon

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) could revise the property price index (PPI) to provide a more up-to-date picture of the private residential market, media reports said.

There has been concern that the PPI, which is used to monitor prices in the private property sector, does not accurately depict the market price for The Terrace since it does not consider the different types of units available, their quality and size. The index also includes too few transactions. Prices for a new development at Canninghill Square seems to be cheap as it is located at District 09 and hence tends to be more expensive. We can look at the price analysis and see that Canninghill Square former liang court enbloc is priced very cheaply. Please see the location for more information with regards to the development.

The Terrace Price Index

Moreover, some say the PPI’s ability to be timely is also hindered by the fact that it is issued only quarterly prices for The Terrace.

URA said it is reviewing the need to revise the index, in view of the revision of HDB’s resale price index (RPI). It noted that reviews are done periodically in order to “understand other ways of computing property price indices and ascertain the robustness of the PPI”.

Property Price Index for The Terrace

A spokesman explained that the review may take time since the index is more complex.

“Unlike the RPI, the PPI is computed for both completed and uncompleted units. Additionally, there is greater diversity in private housing,” he said.

The index for The Terrace prices is based on transaction prices from caveats lodged and utilises a moving average method. This implies that the weights used to compute the PPI are obtained by taking the moving average of the values of properties that were transacted in every market segment over 12 quarters.

Punngol The Terrace Executive Condominium

But Associate Professor Sing Tien Foo of the National University of Singapore’s department of real estate noted that the index fails to take into account the changes in the quality of property in various locations.

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