The Terrace EC – Punggol Drive EC / Edgedale Plains by Peak Square

The Terrace EC – Punggol Drive EC / Edgedale Plains by Peak Square. Register for Showflat and E-AThe Terrace EC – Punggol Drive EC / Edgedale Plains by Peak Square. Register for Showflat and Preview Here

Real Estate Investment Activity

Real Estate Investment Activity for The Terrace EC

Sellers are currently more than happy to lower than prices if they managed to find a buyer due to the restriction on property loans can reduce so many buyers in the market. Notably, high end properties have been toughest struck because of the government’s diverse real estate property cooling steps in an effort to stop the rising prices in The Terrace EC Punggol. Inside the 3rd quarter of 2014, high end house prices registered a fall of 0.9% on the prices and this was despite the fact that previously there was also a fall of of 1.5 percent in Q2 this year. The consecutive drop has instilled a fear of buying properties from buying properties.

Real Estate The Terrace EC

Despite the fact that figures shows slipping manufacturing activity is adversely influencing the city state’s economy, a sharp drop in house price levels for The Terrace EC can potentially trigger an increased threat on Singapore’s economy which is undesired. Investment activity has already slowed in the city state and it is recorded that the overall economy increased by merely 1.2% in the preceding year which is the lowest since the Lehman Brother collapse. Therefore analysts see that a drop in the country’s real estate industry may have an adverse impact on the country’s economic well-being.

The Terrace EC Activity

The Terrace EC Punggol Activities

The Terrace EC Demand can also be seen as less than ideal as September’s Built-To-Order (BTO) exercise didn’t result in boost in demand for two or three-room flats located in non-mature estates, even since the government had helped current flat homeowners obtaining these houses to pay for reduced down payment. Application rates for 2nd-timers for two plus three-room units in a Bukit Batok BTO project stood at only 0.3 together with 2.9 respectively. Chris International Director Chris Koh explained this new system is aimed at providing support towards the elderly rather then dealing with a demand for The Terrace EC Punggol by Kheng Leong. We are just opening up additional options for the elderly to downgrade and also receive more cash.

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